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Out4in is proud to present 

Conduct your own highly effective 5 training activities 


Blue Kit clip

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What is in it for you ? 

Great Value

5 activities in 1 kit

Versatile & Clever



Indoor & Outdoor

Any where any time

Blue Kit around the Globe

TIS - Germany

Magic Software Enterprises Hungary

Team building - Sweden.

Organizational Consultants Forum 


Palarm Industries 

South Africa  - Johannesburg

Team building

Tama - farm grown solutions


Organizational value implementation process 

Clients say about us

"Blue Kit is an effective tool, constantly used by our training department.  We use it to successfully implement and demonstrate organizational cooperation and communication".


Mally H. – Training Manager

Pelephone  -  Mobile & Communication Company (4000 emp.)



"Out4in has created the Blue Kit an  amazing training tool to provide challenging experiential learning as part of the leadership development process".


Steadman Harrison

(Former) Regional Director for Africa and Middle East  

 C.C.L - Center for Creative Leadership

Global Consulting company

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